First Day

Chapter 1
I kept on pacing
around the bus stop.
I was nervous. Today
was going to be my
first day in middle
School. I hope everything will be okay.

The bus was super
loud! The kids on the
bus were standing
On seats, walking all
around the bus, and
others were screaming.
I looked at the bus
driver. She kept on
driving, as if she was
the only person on the
bus. I sighed. This was
going to be a very
long day.
I was in Mrs.
Petersons homeroom
Class. As I walked
into the classroom, I
noticed that most Of
the kids in the class
looked as nervous as
I Was. The teacher
was standing in the
front of the room.
she was wearing
a badge around
her neck that Had
the name, Ann
Peterson on it.I
decided to go over
and introduce
Myself. But first, I
Put my stuff down
next to an empty

I tapped her on
her shoulder. She
looked Up with a
Smile on her face.
“Hi. I’m Delaney” I
Said shyly. “I’m Mrs.
Petterson, your home-
room teacher” she
Said. The first bell
rang with a loud
ding! “That’s the
first bell. Head
back to your
seat Please,” she

Chapter 2
During our free
Period, a girl walked
UP to my desk. She
had curly black
hair, tan skin and
black hair. “Hi . MY
name is Bella”, she
Said smiling.”Hi” I
replied, “My name is
Delaney”. she laughed.
“I have a very
annoying sister
named Delaney”
During lunch,
Bella and I sat
next to each other.
She told me about
herself. After she
was done, I told her about me.
We kept talking until lunch was over.

After lunch, was
fourth period. I
wasn’t used to the
lockers and switching
Classes cycle, so I
was always a few
minutes late to
each class. Since it
Was the first day,
the teachers didn’t
really care that
much. As I sat
down in my seat,
I groaned. I
Hate, Hate Math!!

Chapter 3
At 7th Period I was
happy for two reasons.
One, I could talk to
Bella again. Two, 7th
Period is Our last
Class of the day.
when the bell rang,
Bella and I shot
UP from Our seats
and rushed to our
lockers. We exchanged
Phone numbers at
the front of the
School and headed
As soon as I
walked through the
door I heard my moms voice.

“Hi Delaney! How was your first day of middle school??  Mom asks
this question every-
day after I come
back from school.
she changed it this
time by saying
“first day and middle school.” “Good” I replied.
I think I made a new
At dinner time,
family members
talked about their
day. when my sister
finished talking,
I did. I told my
Family about my
day, the friend I
Made, how I was
always late for each class, and what I
learned in each class.
After I finished
talking, my parents
Started to laugh.
“You will learn Delaney,
You’ll learn.”