First Day

Chapter 1
I kept on pacing
around the bus stop.
I was nervous. Today
was going to be my
first day in middle
School. I hope everything will be okay.

The bus was super
loud! The kids on the
bus were standing
On seats, walking all
around the bus, and
others were screaming.
I looked at the bus
driver. She kept on
driving, as if she was
the only person on the
bus. I sighed. This was
going to be a very
long day.
I was in Mrs.
Petersons homeroom
Class. As I walked
into the classroom, I
noticed that most Of
the kids in the class
looked as nervous as
I Was. The teacher
was standing in the
front of the room.
she was wearing
a badge around
her neck that Had
the name, Ann
Peterson on it.I
decided to go over
and introduce
Myself. But first, I
Put my stuff down
next to an empty

I tapped her on
her shoulder. She
looked Up with a
Smile on her face.
“Hi. I’m Delaney” I
Said shyly. “I’m Mrs.
Petterson, your home-
room teacher” she
Said. The first bell
rang with a loud
ding! “That’s the
first bell. Head
back to your
seat Please,” she

Chapter 2
During our free
Period, a girl walked
UP to my desk. She
had curly black
hair, tan skin and
black hair. “Hi . MY
name is Bella”, she
Said smiling.”Hi” I
replied, “My name is
Delaney”. she laughed.
“I have a very
annoying sister
named Delaney”
During lunch,
Bella and I sat
next to each other.
She told me about
herself. After she
was done, I told her about me.
We kept talking until lunch was over.

After lunch, was
fourth period. I
wasn’t used to the
lockers and switching
Classes cycle, so I
was always a few
minutes late to
each class. Since it
Was the first day,
the teachers didn’t
really care that
much. As I sat
down in my seat,
I groaned. I
Hate, Hate Math!!

Chapter 3
At 7th Period I was
happy for two reasons.
One, I could talk to
Bella again. Two, 7th
Period is Our last
Class of the day.
when the bell rang,
Bella and I shot
UP from Our seats
and rushed to our
lockers. We exchanged
Phone numbers at
the front of the
School and headed
As soon as I
walked through the
door I heard my moms voice.

“Hi Delaney! How was your first day of middle school??  Mom asks
this question every-
day after I come
back from school.
she changed it this
time by saying
“first day and middle school.” “Good” I replied.
I think I made a new
At dinner time,
family members
talked about their
day. when my sister
finished talking,
I did. I told my
Family about my
day, the friend I
Made, how I was
always late for each class, and what I
learned in each class.
After I finished
talking, my parents
Started to laugh.
“You will learn Delaney,
You’ll learn.”






Our Trip To Paris

Chapter 1


         “Victoria!” “Coming mom!”, I shout. I am so excited! My two friends and I are going to Paris,France! We are leaving today! ”Victoria”, my mom calls once again. ”I will be down in a minute”, I shout down the stairs while stuffing some books in my suitcase and zipping on the zipper.

       Chapter 2


            ”Bye mom, bye dad”, I screamed hugging them both. ”Be safe,” they said. ”I will,” I assured them as I turned around, hopped down the stairs and got into the back seat of Victoria’s mom’s car. When I get in, I notice that Victoria and Kallie are already in the car. ”Hi guys,” I said. ”Hey,” they said back joyfully.

               ”Are you girls excited?,” asks Victoria’s mom  from the drivers seat. ”Yes!,” kallie, Victoria and I said together. ”Then of we go to the airport!,”  Victoria’s mom said. The airport was almost two hours away. During the drive, Kallie,Victoria and I played games and made jokes.

 Chapter 3


                 I took a deep breath.This was the first time that I am traveling to a another country without my my parents and family. Victoria and Ryan were all jumpy to! Seeing how nervous each other was, we laughed. ”Let’s go girls!,” Victoria’s mom called. Victoria, Ryan and I stepped into the airport. It was so busy! After a while, we were ready to get on the plane. Victoria’s mom hugged each of us and waved to us until we were out of her sight.

Chapter 4


               On the plane, Kallie, Ryan and I could barely get some rest. We kept on laughing and jumping in our seats. We still could not believe that our  parents let us go to Paris! Alone! I mean we are 14, but still.

                 When we finally reached Paris the next morning, we called our parents and told them that we had reached Paris. We were all sleepy because we couldn’t get any sleep on the plane. When I looked out the window in the airport, I gasped. Kallie and Ryan looked out too. Paris was beautiful.

Chapter 5


                 ”You ready Kallie?,” I asked. ”Almost,” she replied. A moment later Kallie stepped out of the bathroom with her hair in a high ponytail. ”Let’s  go!,” I said. We each slung our our backpacks over our shoulder and headed out the door.

                    ”That rollercoaster was awesome!,” I said. ” I really love this amusement park!,” replied Kallie. ”Hey guys, check out those girls over there. They look really sad,” Victoria  says. Kallie and I look in the direction that Victoria is pointing at. Victoria was right, they did look really sad. ”Let’s go ask them what’s  wrong,” Kallie suggested.

Chapter 6


              ”So your friend is missing?,” Victoria asked the girls. ”Yes,  one minute she was here but the next, she was gone,” the girl  named Lucy said sadly. ”We tried searching for her but, she’s gone,” said another girl named Hannah.  ”Can I talk to my friends for a second?,”  Victoria asked the girls. They nodded. Victoria pulled Ryan and I away from aside, away from the girls.

               ”What’s wrong?,” I asked Victoria. She told us that she was thinking about finding Lucy and Hannah’s friend. She let us think about it for a second. ”Okay let’s do it!,” me and Ryan said together.

                We walked back to were Lucy and Hannah were sitting.  We told them what we were talking about. they jumped up from the bench they were sitting on and hugged us. Then they sat back down with sad looks on their faces.

Chapter 7


                  ”What’s wrong?,” I asked Lucy and Hannah. Lucy pulled something that was yellow out of her pocket. She handed it to me. Ryan and Kallie peered over my shoulder as I read the card. It said: Want to see Sophia again? Go to the Louvre Museum to find and another mystery card to find your friend.

                    I looked up at my friends. ”We need to go to the Louvre museum,” I said.  Ryan scrunched up her forehead. ”Don’t you think we should go tomorrow? I mean it’s almost 8:00 PM. We should be heading back to our hotel by now,” she said.  kallie looked at her watch. ”Your right, let’s go.” We said goodbye to Lucy and Hannah and told them, ”Meet us at the Louvre Museum tomorrow around 10:30 AM.”

Chapter 8


                          ”Aw man,this card only tells us to go to…the Grevin wax museum to find another card,” I whined. Lucy sat down on a bench. Hannah just sadly shook her head. ”Come on guys, don’t loose hope so easily. We can find Sophia. I promise,” Kallie said.

Chapter 9


                              ”OMG! I cannot believe that the last card says to go to the Eiffel Tower!,” I exclaimed. ”I know, I really wanted to go there,” said Victoria as she jumped really high. ”We can take the tour bus that can drop us really close to the Eiffel Tower and we can walk the rest of the way,” said Lucy who was seriously studying the map. ”Let’s go,” squealed Ryan.  ”To the Eiffel Tower,” chanted Hannah.

I stared up in awe at the magnificent tower.  I was speechless.   Other people might think this tower is nothing, but to me seeing this in person is my dream come true. Ryan spoke up,”Amazing!” Victoria nodded her head in agreement.  Lucy and Hannah looked at us in amazement.  ”You guys have never seen the Eiffel Tower in person before” We all nodded our heads.

‘’So the card says,rhymes with noses?,’’ I said as I read out loud. ‘’There are millions of rose bushes out here,’’ Hannah wined. ‘’Roses?,’’ Ryan questioned. ‘’Yeah I think because the card says rhymes with noses, which could be roses,’’ Hannah explained. ‘’True,’’ Lucy said as she nodded her head.

‘’Not behind this rose bush,’’ Lucy called from behind one rose bush. ‘’Can’t find her behind this one,’’Hannah called from behind another. ‘’Hey guy, how does your friend look like?,’’ asked Victoria. ‘’She has brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin,’’ said Lucy, ‘’Why?’’ Victoria turned around as pale as a ghost. ‘’I think I found her.’’

Chapter 10


Lucy, Hannah, Kallie and Ryan all rushed over to the rose bush that I was standing next to. ‘’Where!,’’ gasped Lucy out of breath. I pointed behind the rose bush. ‘’Is that her?,’’ I asked. We all looked behind the rose bush. ‘’That’s Sophia!,’’ stammered Hannah. Sophia was just sitting there, with dirt all over her body.

After a while, we brought Sophia to Lucy’s house to get her leaned up. While we waited for her to get showered and dressed,Lucy sent a text to Sophia’s parents letting them know that we had found Sophia. 1 millisecond later, 2 people flew through the door. I assumed that they were Sophia’s parents. I guess I was right because the next second they practically screamed, ‘’Where’s our Sophia?’’ ‘’She’s just taking a shower,’’ Hannah replied,’’She’ll be out soon.’’

‘’Sophia!,’’ Sophia’s parents shouted as they hugged Sophia. ‘’Mama,papa,’’ Sophia shouted in joy. ‘’Where did you go? Who took you?,’’ they questioned. ‘’Let’s go sit down and I will tell you,’’ said Sophia.

‘’So then he knocked me out,’’ Sophia said as she ended her story of how she got kidnapped. ‘’That’s all?,’’ asked Kallie. ‘’That’s all I remember,’’ replied Sophia. ‘’Then who found you?,’’ asked Sophia’s mom. ‘’These girls,’’ replied Sophia. “Oh Sophia! These are our friends that are visiting Paris. They are from Chicago in the United States,’’ said Hannah. Sophia turned to us. ‘’Thank you. What are your names?” “I’m Victoria and these are my friends Kallie and Ryan,’’ I said as I introduced us. Ding Dong! Lucy looked at her watch. “That must be my parents.”

“Hi Sophia. Hi Caroline and Isac,’’ said Lucy’s parents as they waved to Sophia and her parents. “Oh hey Hannah,”Lucy’s mom exclaimed as she noticed Hannah. “Mom,dad these are our new friends Victoria, Kallie and Ryan,” Lucy explained. “Hi girls,” they said.

“I can’t believe that we got to go sightseeing and we found a missing girl,’’ Kallie said as we lay in bed that night. “Yeah. We got to got to the museum of music, Gervin Wax Museum, Louvre Museum and much,much more!,” shouted Ryan. “ Don’t forget the big bus tour that we went on,” I added laughing.

Chapter 11


“Seems like you girls had a pretty awesome week,” said Ryan’s mom grinning. “Yep,” I said as I nodded my head in agreement. Victoria, Kallie and I, were all sitting on my family couch with our parents sitting on the other. We were just telling them about our trip. “I can’t believe you girls found a missing girl,” said Victoria’s mom in amazement. We just smiled.

The next day there was a surprise party for Kallie, Victoria and I. It was organized by our friends. It was to welcome us back. Weren’t we just gone for a week? It was held at in our friends house. There were tons of people there!

Our parents met us near the front door. They had to scream over all the noise. “You girls ready to party?,” they screamed. Victoria,Kallie and I all looked at each other. Then we laughed. “Ready!,” we screamed.